Professional Dietitian services specializing in individual and workplace wellness. It's never too late to start living healthy!

Why a professional dietitian?

‘Professional Dietitian’ is a protected title by law—through provincial legislation, so that only qualified practitioners who have met education qualifications can use that title. Dietitians have met national standards for education and training and are members of provincial regulatory bodies. A dietitian is a health professional with a Bachelor’s degree, specializing in foods and nutrition, as well as a period of practical training in a hospital or community setting. Dietitians are held accountable for their conduct and care they provide.

Individualized Approach

Tired of the fads? Generic meal plans? Ready for a real lifestyle approach? Let the nutrition experts help you today! Personalized assessments, individualized meal plans, anthropometric assessments and follow-up packages designed to meet your needs!

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Personalized Menu Planning

Tired of generic menu plans? Work shift work? Dislike certain foods? A personalized menu plan might be the solution for you! Based on your schedule, likes and dislikes, daily/weekly/monthly menu plans are available for you, your family and/or your workplace!


Making Health Convenient

Everyone is busy today! Adding a commitment to improving your health can also take time. We make health convenient! Through flexible appointments, convenient on-site programming, we bring the nutrition education to you! Did you know—most Health Plans also cover Professional Dietitian services?
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Know your Numbers

Knowledge is power. Not only do we provide the most up-to-date nutrition expertise and easy ways to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle, we offer a full anthropometric assessment—Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat % and measurements!


Added Accountability = SUCCESS

Did you know that up to 70% of your overall success is related to nutrition? Let the nutrition experts keep you on track for success! With flexible appointments, convenient on-site programming and our individualized approach, you will not only experience success but you will be kept accountable!


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"Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating! Understands busy lifestyles and time constraints when it comes to implementing healthy choices for my family!" - Susan, Halifax NS

“What sets Krista apart as an excellent nutrition counselor, is her always positive and compassionate approach with her clients. She goes the extra step to use flexibility and creativity in finding solutions for and with them.“ - Carolyn, Halifax NS