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Out of sight…out of mind!

Posted on April 6, 2010

Walk away from the chocolates! Yes…Easter candy is in abundance and it is time to walk away! We’ve had our treats and it is time to candy1get back on track!

Pack it up! Take the candy off the counter, away from the candy dishes and get out your mini-ziplock baggies! Portion out your candy/treats into 100-200cal portions and place them in the freezer. Not only have you removed the danger of  “grazing” throughout the day, you have portioned the treats into reasonable calorie sized packages. When you need that little “treat,” grab your portion sized baggie of treats and away you go!

Why is grazing dangerous? An extra 100cal daily for one year, equals about 10lbs! What is 100cal? Something as simple as 6-7 jujubes can equal 100cal! That is an easy handful! If candy/treats are out on the counter, it is easy to grab a handful when you walk by. Take that temptation away, by packing up your treats!

I like to refer to this concept by “Conscious Eating!” When you mindlessly walk by a desk at work and grab a candy here or a cookie there, you are not consciously thinking about what you are consuming! On the opposite hand, conscious eating, implies that you are not only aware of what you eating but also why! It doesn’t mean you only have to eat healthy foods, but it also means that when you choose to have a treat, you are consciously aware of what, how much and why you are choosing your treat!

Choose to be a conscious eating…and healthy living is within reach!

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