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Success Story: 2 weeks in!

Posted on September 17, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun! (Right Wynter?) In case you missed our exciting intro post…check it out here! For those of you who are already in the loop and excited to hear about Wynter’s progress…here you go!

First…a little more background on Wynter’s nutrition habits!

  • Favorite go-to-foods = CARBS!!! (There are good carbs and “bad” carbs…Wynter likes’em all!)
  • Potato chips = RED ZONE foods! (For those of you not familiar with Weight Watcher terms…these are danger zone foods!) Wynter has identified chips/dip as a danger zone and knows she won’t stop if they’re around until they are gone! Guess what–these are foods we cannot stock in the house. Identify your “red zone” foods and get rid of the temptation!
  • Night Grazing! After 8pm the munching begins…on “healthy” food and “unhealthy” foods…anything in the house will do!
  • Portion Control! (This is a problem for most people in our society!) Wynter and the rest of us, have become adjusted to super sized plates, portions, bagels and more! Even healthy food choices have become super-sized. More of a good thing, can still be too much!
Week 2 Check In:
Weight: Down 3.5lbs!!!!! (Remember…a healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs weekly!)
Lessons learned & things that are working for Wynter:
  • Following the “perfect” plate: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 whole grains, 1/4 lean protein
  • Aiming for 6 servings of grains a day at 30g each (i.e. a bagel that is 90g = 3 of your daily servings)
  • Planning a night time snack–instead of grazing! Choosing ~100cals for a treat/snack helps keep you on track!
  • A treat every now and again is OK! Even with a night out, Wynter saw great results! Limiting “treat nights” to 1x weekly allows you to still “live” and not sabotage your progress from Monday-Friday!
  • Supersized meat portions! Wynter realized her meat portion was really like 2-3 x the recommended 2.5oz portion! By cutting it down and adding more veggies, not only did she save some calories, but she swapped out the higher fat serving for high fibre, lower calorie veggies, and her plate still looked full!

Favorite Snack of the Moment: Banana with 1tbsp Peanut Butter (…the whipped version is her new fav!)

Favorite Veggie of the Moment: String beans! (With a touch of becel, sea salt & pepper)

Favorite Treat of the Moment: Dairy Queen’s new MINI blizzard!

Favorite Result (aside from the weight loss): Feeling amazingly alert & energized!!!

Stay posted for our 1 month check in!

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2 Responses to “Success Story: 2 weeks in!”

  1. Theresa
    Sep 29, 2010

    Congratulations! Great work.

  2. […] One month in and the results keep coming! A few new lessons learned and some new favorite healthy snacks! For those of you that need to catch up with our very first success story participant…check it out here & here! […]

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