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Nutrition Month- Week #2 Challenge

Posted on March 11, 2013

This week’s theme is LUNCH!!!

Share your favourite low sodium lunch find with us and be entered to WIN!!!


  • Leftovers are a great timesaver for lunch; however, the vegetable portion is often low! Ramp up your leftovers to include a full half-plate serving of vegetables!
  • Sick of salad? Warm up your leftovers over a bed of spinach or other greens! They will cook while your leftovers warm and you will sneak in extra veggies!
  • Sodium beware! Almost 80% of our sodium intake comes from packaged foods! Check your soups, frozen dinners and more for <5% Daily Value of sodium! (Heart health recommendations are 1500mg/day)
  • Work through lunch? Set a timer or email reminder that it is time to eat! Our body’s need regular fuel- choose to eat every 3-4hrs to maintain a steady energy level!
  • Sandwich lovers! Choose lean deli meats (turkey, ham, chicken) that are also low in sodium and nitrite free!
  • Big on bread? Check your slice size! Canada’s Food Guide recommends a 30-35g serving. Most breads are now 45g per slice! Your sandwich may really be the equivalent of three grain servings!
  • Always in a rush? Batch cook! Make a one-pot meal that will last you for the week- soup, chilli or quinoa & bean salad and then all you have to pack are the sides! 

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