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Nutrition Month- Challenge #3!!!

Posted on March 18, 2013

It’s SNACK time!!! What is your favorite snack combination?

  • Snacks should include two food groups! yogurt parfait
  • Fibre + Protein = Fullness! Choose sources of each at your snacks- hardboiled egg/veggies, 10-12 almonds/fruit, fruit/Greek yogurt, veggies/hummus. 
  • Skip the fat-free! Fat tastes good, so often the “fat-free” products have higher levels of sugar and/or salt. Choose 1% sodium reduced cottage cheese or a plain Greek yogurt to amp up your protein without the added sugar/salt!
  • Stock your desk- unsalted almonds, no-sugar added fruit cups, small tins of tuna, 100% fruit leathers or trail-mix are all examples of things you can have on hand, to avoid the vending machines!
  • Check the portion size- most healthy snacks should be around 100-200 calories.
  • Post-workout, a combination of carbohydrate (reload energy) and protein (rebuild and repair) are ideal and should be consumed within a 30min power window for effective refuelling!
  • Set yourself up for success! Say “no” once at the grocery store vs. having to say “no” every time you open the cupboard! Only stock your house with the foods you know you should be eating!


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