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A few of my favorite things!

Posted on October 9, 2013

Just thought I’d share a few things I have extra love for right now!

– Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! I’m pretty sure I am slowly eating my way through her website. Seriously…great inspiration, recipes and “Do it yourself” guidelines!

– This chocolate milk! I have a chocolate tooth at the best of times and not only is this a sugar-reduced version, it naturally contains DHA! How cool!?!

– This app! I’m a newbie with my iPhone; however, upon first few uses, this is a pretty cool app. I can enter in my meals for the week and/or upload from a few recipe websites, and it AUTOMATICALLY generates a grocery list. Yes please!

– This granola…mmm…available at Costco and meets my single digit sugar & more than 4g fibre guidelines!

– Loving this plant-based resource…again amazing recipe inspiration.

– Eat local!!!

What is on your current fav thing list?!?!

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