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Afternoon with a chef…for an even better cause!

Posted on October 29, 2013

photoLet’s talk food. Not nutrition…but food.  The impact of food, the social aspects of food, the relationships and ways we celebrate using food, the bonding and sharing of stories over food…you get my point!?

Then let’s combine these experiences with a community…your community. Picture a shared centre, in the heart of your community where people can unite over food- the planning, the preparation, the eating and sharing of food. Partner that with resources to provide the skills, education and confidence for people to then take this food experience back to their own families, friends and homes.

Sounds amazing right? It is. Well it will be…Dartmouth will be the newest home to our very own Community Food Centre. Modelled off of The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto and as an initiative of the Community Food Centres Canada, the CFC will be a  space where people can come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. All programs will be free and open to anyone in the community who is interested in sharing a good meal, joining a cooking group, growing a garden, learning about healthy eating and getting active on issues in their community.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to a spend an afternoon in the temporary CFC home at the Dartmouth North Community Centre with the CFC Team, Chef Lynn Crawford and the people from IOGO! We learned, we cooked, we shared our food, just as participants in the CFC would experience.

Not only was the afternoon a blast, I left with new recipes, new friends and a renewed energy to step up to the plate and be a more active member of our community.

PS- I’m part way through this book…great read…greater story.


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