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If Impotent Where Do I Go?

Posted on December 26, 2019

Diagnostics methods of Erectile Dysfunction

A medical condition that puts men in dilemma is Erectile Dysfunction. No matter you are using any erectile drug or not it is very importance to identify the earlier symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in order to preserve the power of erection. You need to go for a check even if you experience a slight deterioration in the intensity of erection. Identify it may be hard if you have started using erectile drug already. Below are mentioned a few diagnostic method about which you need to be aware of.

  • The technique that is used to evaluate the flow of blood in arteries and veins in the blood vessels. In this method erection stimulators like prostaglandin are administrated and then the blood pressure is detected along with the level of dilation that occurs during the process of erection.
  • Penile nerve function is another efficient method to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction. During the test the head of the penis is squeezed and this action results in contraction of anal sphincter. Depending in the force of contraction the physician evaluates the status of erection problem.
  • A saline is infused into corpus cavernous under certain pressure and depending on the flow rate of the intervene fluid the venous leakage rate id determined and considered as the required out flow of veins in penis to achieve a strong erection. This method of testing the erection ability of a person is called Corpus Cavernosometry.
  • A method that makes use of magnetic resonance is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This process involves infusion of a contrast agent into the blood flow that will avail you to distinguish the blood vessels from other tissue in the body.


Viagra is nothing but in simple terms a drug or a pill that is used to treat a defect in men called as erectile dysfunction. There is another name to this called as Sildenafil citrate. It has a safety record of more than 10years. It has proved to very effective for most of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It has also proven to treat men carefully with this problem even though they might be suffering with other health problems.

Men who suffer with erectile dysfunction should take Viagra as it helps them in many ways like making an erection possible, it helps to achieve harder erections and it also makes the erections stay for longer period of time. More than 20 million men around the world have used Viagra. There is only one conditions to use this drug is that u need a doctor’s prescription to get a Viagra pill. It is not advisable to take Viagra if a person is taking nitrates.

It is often prescribed for people suffering with chest pain. Because taking Viagra while taking nitrate medicines might cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. The status of one’s health problems should be first discussed with a doctor so that the person can make sure if he is healthy enough for a sexual intercourse. After taking Viagra if a person experiences any sort of problems like chest pains, nausea or any sort of discomfort then immediate medical help should be taken.

If impotent where do I go?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems in male, which cannot be cured fully. But there is no need to worry as there are many drugs in the market which proves to work in affective way. As there is no permanent cure for ED but with this pill you can have time being love making and sexual satisfaction.

What medical help can I seek to continue having sex?

To continue having sex you may go for penile surgery, herbal medicines, and vacuum therapies to treat erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you want effective and fast results, Viagra is the best choice as a drug. The bull pill is famous in treating ED. How do I begin?

It is must you consult your doctor before starting the drug to treat erection. If you doctors finds Viagra best for you are according to your health then go for it. Therefore, you can find this drug online easily. See that the online pharmacy is licensed and consult a qualified health care professional. Buying Viagra may save your time and other difficulties. Take this medicine with the approval of the doctor let us see why.

Why do I need consult a doctor?

It can be dangerous if not consult your doctor before taking any drug for ED. As Viagra is not safe for people already suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Hence, only a doctor can assist for it in advising you proper medicine and dosage. If you are the age of 65 and needs, the drug it is better you prefer 25 mg according to your health.

If you find that Viagra is not helping you then you have to consult to your doctor as he may suggest you how to overcome the problem.

Viagra consultation

As we all know that viagra is used for the treatment of impotence or other wise called erectile dysfunction, but apparently this is not a cure for this problem. As such impotence may be caused because of several factors it can either by physical or psychological, viagra can help maintain an erection but it will not stimulate arousal. In men it helps in increasing the flow of blood to the pennies while having sex this is done by using dilating arteries apparently it improves in maintaining erections for a longer period. In case of females blood flow to the sexual organs may improve arousal, but not sexual desire. More over viagra is not a chemical addictive but it continuous usage of this drug can make a person psychologically dependent on this drug.

More over viagra has to be taken under the supervision of doctors so that risk of some problem can be reduced. Men who have recently suffered from heart attack, angina, arrhythmia, any cardiac problems, or have had recent heart surgery should not take Viagra. More over before taking viagra doctors consultation is very important. Apparently still some research is being carried out on this drug.

Usually the recommended dosage of viagra for men is around 100mg per day beyond this dosage can lead to serious cardiac problems. If at all viagra is mixed with cocaine or it is combined with the erectile dysfunction treatments like cialis it can lead to number of various other problems as this will increase the chances of heart attack.

Finally, there are so many to buy this drug, although this drug can be obtained from online pharmacies also, more over site not providing consultation with a registered doctor should be avoided. Buying of branded products are crucial it would be better if avoid the usage of cheap drugs as they can cause severe health problems. more

Viagra- Consult The Physician

Viagra is anti impotence drug prescribed for men for the sexual activity. It is made by Pfizer with active element sildenafile citrate which helps in activating muscles and increases blood flow to certain parts of the body.

Every medicine does have side effects in some way or the other. Even Viagra also have some side effects on few people depending upon their general body conditions. These side effects depend upon the dosages taken by the people. On intake of Viagra, if you suffer from numbness, tingling in chest, arms, neck, and nausea during the sexual activity consult the physician immediately. Some side effects may be very serious. If sudden vision loss occurs or have any symptoms of such kind, or suffering from allergic reactions like hives, difficult to breath, face swelling, tongue or throat infections one should visit and take advice of the doctor right away. It is always advisable to stop taking Viagra, if any serious problems arise like heart problems, chest pain, sweating, irregular heart beat, hands swelling, and swelling seen in ankles or feet, visionary problems. Meet the doctor if any of the above symptoms are seen.

In some issues men complaint erection lasts many hours. One should call the doctor right away if erection lasts for more than four hours. If the problem not solved immediately then permanent damage may occur to the penis. Men who are taking Viagra rarely had given complaint about heart attack, strokes, asymmetrical heart beats and also deaths. It is difficult to determine that these diseases or problems are arising on taking of Viagra. Men who are above 65 years are not advised to take Viagra as they are more sensitive to the effects of the drug. Mild dosages are always suggestible. However, Viagra can be taken by men on consulting the physician and taking his advice.

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