Professional Dietitian services specializing in individual and workplace wellness. It's never too late to start living healthy!

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Description Individuals Group Price Start Today
Initial Assessment:
Individualized nutrition & lifestyle assessment, anthropometric measurements & nutrition plan design. (90min)


Initial Assessment

Follow up session:
Personalized program design follow-up. (30min). Packages available.
Follow up package:
Personalized program design follow-up. (8 x 30min sessions).
30-day kickstart:
Individualized nutrition & lifestyle assessment, 30 day meal plan template and 2 follow-up sessions.
3 months to success:
Individualized nutrition & lifestyle assessment, Personalized Menu Plan & 5 follow-up sessions
Menu plan development:
Individual, Family, Business, Group Home
$50-$250 ($50/hour)
Kitchen makeover:
In-house visit and grocery makeover
  $50-$250 ($50/hour)
Workplace wellness:
Nutrition Presentations & Wellness Workshops on-site
Wellness booth:
Interactive nutrition display & information
  $250 (1/2 day)$350 (full day)
Healthy habits:
An 8 week group program that will teach you everything from label reading, the importance of carbohydrates, fat, protein and exercise, in addition to weekly menu plans and a personalized journal & program book.
$150 (1hr per week) (min 10 participants, at 15 participants price drops to $125)



Group Size

Online Consultation:
Nutrition assessment & program development available online. Perfect for the busy schedule or for clients located outside of HRM.
Online Follow-Up:
Personalized program design follow-up available online. Perfect for the busy schedule or for clients located outside of HRM.

4-week Nutrition Series   $60