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New Cookbook Alert!

August 12, 2016 No comments yet

I love me a new cookbook! Add to that it’s written by a fellow Dietitian AND a friend AND we share a name…pretty spectacular combination if I do say so myself! Enter “World Food for Student Cooks: Healthy, delicious, easy-to-make dishes for the food-truck-loving, noodle-slurping, taco-crunching, mac-n-cheese-loving student.” This cookbook is full of healthy, tasty […]

Afternoon with a chef…for an even better cause!

October 29, 2013 No comments yet

Let’s talk food. Not nutrition…but food.  The impact of food, the social aspects of food, the relationships and ways we celebrate using food, the bonding and sharing of stories over food…you get my point!? Then let’s combine these experiences with a community…your community. Picture a shared centre, in the heart of your community where people […]

A few of my favorite things!

October 9, 2013 No comments yet

Just thought I’d share a few things I have extra love for right now! – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! I’m pretty sure I am slowly eating my way through her website. Seriously…great inspiration, recipes and “Do it yourself” guidelines! – This chocolate milk! I have a chocolate tooth at the best of times and not only is […]

Fall is here = Apples!

October 4, 2013 No comments yet

The air has changed! With that brings the return of our fall favorites! In Nova Scotia, apples (especially from the Valley) are a delicious and healthy treat! After a morning at Noggin’s Farm, it was time to find some new apple recipes! Apple Salsa 2 cups apples, diced and peeled (peeled is optional) 1 red […]

Healthy Holidays

December 1, 2011 No comments yet

  It’s officially December…and for those of who haven’t started our holiday shopping (*cough*)…the time crunch is upon us! SO many of us make healthy resolutions for the new year, but why wait? Start now and give the gift of health, with some of my favorite Healthy Holiday gifts!     Funky lunch bag! How […]

8 Weeks to a New and Improved You!

October 3, 2011 No comments yet

Healthy Habits is an 8-week group program that focuses on two main areas: nutrition education & weight loss! Weekly 1hr sessions, focus on providing the information and tools needed to be successful long term–label reading, menu planning, restaurant eating, hydration, fat, fibre & more! In addition to the discussion topics, there are weekly calorie controlled […]

Breakfast anytime!

September 29, 2011 No comments yet

An oldie but a goodie! Top with your favs: almond butter, greek yogurt, fresh berries….   Whole Wheat Pancakes Ingredients: 1 1/3 cup     whole wheat flour 3tbsp            brown sugar 1tbsp            baking powder 1tsp              cinnamon ¼ tsp            salt 1 ¼ cup        1% or skim milk 1                    egg, beaten 3tbsp            vegetable oil ½ tsp            vanilla […]

Summer Heat = Hydration! Homemade Iced Tea!

July 6, 2011 No comments yet

Summer heat is here…finally! With that comes the need for extra hydration! While water is our best option, decaffeinated teas, coffee, 100% juice or low-fat milk are also good options. Buyer beware- most commercially produced drinks are pumped full of sugar, chemicals (i.e. colors) and more! The solution is simple…brew your own! Homemade Iced Tea […]

Rainy Day Comforts

June 16, 2011 No comments yet

After a weekend of SUN…yes we actually had two days in a row…the rain is back. Enter rainy day eats- Sweet Potato Enchiladas. Delish. Ingredients: 1tbsb olive oil 1 small onion, finely diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 can kidney beans, rinsed & drained 1 cup water 1-2tbsp chilli powder 1tsp cumin 2tsp prepared mustard Pinch […]

Pumpkin Muffins–no sugar added!

November 22, 2010 No comments yet

It’s starting to feel a lot like winter! On cold weekend days, I love spending an afternoon baking & cooking! Saturday afternoon involved pumpkin muffins, flax cookies & a pot of minestrone soup (stay tuned for more recipes!) Not only does the afternoon of baking warm up the kitchen, the smells were delicious! These muffins […]

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