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White Bean Alfredo Sauce

December 13, 2016 No comments yet

I have been feeling less than inspired lately with our family meals. Between work, two kids and the Holiday season upon us, our meal rotation was just that…a rotation! Totally not a bad thing, but was leaving this foodie dietitian mom, uninspired.  Keeping things simple is a fabulous way to make healthier choices work, while […]

Sugar Smart Recipes!

October 30, 2013 No comments yet

Fuel up First! Choco-PB-Banana Smoothie Seriously, three of my favorite things,  blended into one delicious glass. The combo of fibre (banana) and protein (milk & pb) keep us full and satisfied! The chocolate milk (sugar reduced version by DairyOh!) makes us feel like we are having a treat! Not to mention has some extra goodness […]

This Halloween…Be Sugar Smart!

October 30, 2013 No comments yet

It’s here…the holiday that starts the sugar rush and leads us (it seems) right through into the New Year! Now, I’m all for moderation and certainly do enjoy the occasional treat…but some of the Halloween treats that exist just seem plain ol’wrong. Electric green in color, stain your teeth black, rolled in sugar, stick to […]

Nutrition Month- Supper Time Challenge!

March 25, 2013 No comments yet

This week’s theme is Supper! Share your favourite meatless supper recipe with us and be entered to WIN!!! Practice the “perfect plate!” Fill ½ your plate with vegetables, ¼ of your plate with a whole grain and ¼ of your plate with a lean protein! While cooking from scratch is ideal, a “healthier” pre-packaged meal is […]

Nutrition Month- Challenge #3!!!

March 18, 2013 No comments yet

It’s SNACK time!!! What is your favorite snack combination? Snacks should include two food groups!  Fibre + Protein = Fullness! Choose sources of each at your snacks- hardboiled egg/veggies, 10-12 almonds/fruit, fruit/Greek yogurt, veggies/hummus.  Skip the fat-free! Fat tastes good, so often the “fat-free” products have higher levels of sugar and/or salt. Choose 1% sodium reduced […]

Nutrition Month- Week #2 Challenge

March 11, 2013 No comments yet

This week’s theme is LUNCH!!! Share your favourite low sodium lunch find with us and be entered to WIN!!!   Leftovers are a great timesaver for lunch; however, the vegetable portion is often low! Ramp up your leftovers to include a full half-plate serving of vegetables! Sick of salad? Warm up your leftovers over a […]

It’s Nutrition Month!!!

March 4, 2013 No comments yet

March is Nutrition Month! Best Food Forward: Plan, Shop, Cook, Enjoy! Healthy eating begins at the grocery store. It’s where most consumers purchase much of their food. Yet this is also where they are faced with a multitude of choices. This year’s Nutrition Month Campaign– Best Food Forward: Plan Shop Cook Enjoy! – is dedicated […]

Happy Nutrition Month!

March 5, 2012 No comments yet

March is National Nutrition Month! This year’s theme is “Get the Real Deal on Your Meal!” Nutrition information has never been more accessible than right now; millions of Canadians have ready access to the Internet and social media is exploding with nutrition and food advice. This year’s Nutrition Month Campaign – Get the Real Deal on […]

Healthy Holidays

December 1, 2011 No comments yet

  It’s officially December…and for those of who haven’t started our holiday shopping (*cough*)…the time crunch is upon us! SO many of us make healthy resolutions for the new year, but why wait? Start now and give the gift of health, with some of my favorite Healthy Holiday gifts!     Funky lunch bag! How […]

Summer Heat = Hydration! Homemade Iced Tea!

July 6, 2011 No comments yet

Summer heat is here…finally! With that comes the need for extra hydration! While water is our best option, decaffeinated teas, coffee, 100% juice or low-fat milk are also good options. Buyer beware- most commercially produced drinks are pumped full of sugar, chemicals (i.e. colors) and more! The solution is simple…brew your own! Homemade Iced Tea […]

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